Connect with your car. Connect your car with the world. Drive better, have fun.

We're building the social network for your car. Plug a small cellular-connected device into your car's diagnostic port, and install an app on your phone. Always know where your car is, if it's healthy, and how you're driving. Connect with old friends. Make new friends. Share interesting stuff (about your car, your trips, your driving score... whatever). Drive better, have fun.


Always know where your car is, where it’s been, and plan for where you’ll take it next. Multiply the power of mavia by installing on your family fleet. Spouse lost on the way to an appointment? Daughter not answering her cell phone? Son should only drive close to home? Always find the people you care about.


Take a deeper look at your driving habits and find ways to be more efficient. You can keep an eye on interactive analytic charts showing your car’s MPG performance, miles driven over time, and fuel consumption.


Check engine light on? Don’t pay to have the code read by a mechanic. Now you can read it right from the myMavia iPhone app. From there, ask your Facebook friends for advice, learn more about the problem, or locate a nearby service center.

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